Safety Rules and Regulations

You have come here to have a good time and this is why we must remind you that you are
entirely responsible for your own safety when taking part in this kind of aerial acrobatic activity.
As part of their overall responsibilities, the park operators are responsible for informing
participants of the conditions that apply to using the installations as well as monitoring the people
taking part in the activities.
Although these activities are essentially for fun, the aerial adventure activities are risky and
physically sportive. They are destined for people whose physical and mental abilities allow them
to practice the activity in accordance with defined safety requirements.
Strict compliance with the instructions and obligations ensures the safety of everyone.
Your presence in the park, whether as a participant, companion or visitor, implies your complete
acceptance of the following rules:
–  When entering the park, every participant must pay the price that has been established for
the activities. The ticket is valid two hours.

–  All participants must be in good physical and mental condition, as required by the adventure
routes. Any known medical conditions should be pointed out to the operators.
–  Smoking is forbidden in all areas of the park due to the risk of fire.
–  It is strictly forbidden for people to practice any activity under the influence of drugs, alcohol,
prescribed medicines, etc….
 – You must wear suitable clothing. Long hair should be tied up and loose fitting clothing should
be avoided. Shoes need to fully protect the feet (no sandals or bare chests).
–  All our operators have the French CQPOPAH professional training certificate in aerial
adventure courses.
–  Trained and qualified operators will welcome you and inform you of the safety instructions
and the use of personalised equipment so that you can go round the routes on your own.
These safety instructions should be followed strictly. The operators will establish whether you
have properly understood the techniques necessary to undertake the activity.
–  The safety zone marked by the green ropes should be carefully respected.

Do not hesitate to ask for help if you have any questions

  Use and Safety Restrictions

There 3 Routes:

Green: From 3 years of age, minimum height 1m10 arms raised
Blue: From 6 years of age, minimum height 1m50 arms raised.
Red: From 11 years of age, minimum height 1m70 arms raised.
Maximum weight permitted: 100 kg
Number of persons permitted:
– 2 people per platform
– 1 person per activity
Supervision of children from the ground by the person accompanying them:
Green routes: one adult per child.
Blue and Red routes: one adult for 3 children who are tall enough to do the
Children under 11 years old must be accompanied by an adult on the Red
route. This adult can accompany a maximum of two children round.

Everyone intending to access the park must be in possession of valid health
Each participant is entirely responsible for their own safety on each of the
activities that make up the park. You must remain connected to the lifeline
marked in red above the cable.
The park operators have the right to stop anyone from pursuing the activity
who does not respect the safety instructions provided and/or who puts their
own safety or that of others at risk. This also applies to anyone whose
behaviour is generally considered as uncivil.
Any participant in difficulty, either notified by themselves or noticed by the
park operators, may be evacuated according to prevailing safety
Equipment made available to participants:
– One harness
– One double dynamic long rope
– Two carabineers (approved connectors)
– One pulley (only for the Red Route)
Practice of the activity outside opening hours is strictly prohibited.
The park operators reserve the right to evacuate participants of the routes
without prior notice in the event of unfavourable weather conditions (storms,
high winds, etc.) or any situation that could endanger the participants in
order to ensure the safety of all.

Welcome to our park and have a lot of fun!!!